Carol A. Hoffman, Ph.D., MS, LGC 

Genetic Counselor
Phone: 800-394-4493, extension 2031

About the Counselor

Carol Hoffman has been a genetic counselor with Quest Diagnostics since 2011. She supports molecular  testing at Athena Diagnostics, an esoteric lab specializing in genetic testing  for neuromuscular and neurogenetic, endocrine, immunological and renal disorders.  She provides genetic consultation and support for external clients (medical specialists, genetic counselors, geneticists, laboratories) as well as for internal departments and staff.
Prior to joining Quest, Dr. Hoffman worked as a research genetic counselor for the Genetics of Autism study at University of Massachusetts sponsored by the Autism Consortium.  She has spent most of her genetics career as a clinical genetic counselor at the Partners Genetics Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  She is also trained as a developmental neuropsychologist.
Dr. Hoffman earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Michigan, a master’s degree in child development from Tufts University, a doctorate degree in developmental neuropsychology from Boston University and a master’s degree in genetic counseling from Brandeis University.
Our genetic counselors are specialized professionals helping to improve the health of patients through support and education of our healthcare provider partners.